Heavy mechanical equipment

Design and drawings of heavy mechanical and industrial mechanical work are the specialties of our company. GENIFAB has been working in this field since its creation in 1986. Over the years, GENIFAB has developed a unique expertise in Canada.


In the field of heavy mechanical equipment, we cover hydro-mechanical (hydroelectric equipment), locks, mobile bridge mechanics, ferry loading dock mechanics and similar structures and systems. We have designed more than a hundred types of equipment for major dam facilities in Canada. The greater the challenge in terms of scope and complexity, the more GENIFAB is the right choice to provide the most practical, efficient and flexible solution. In fact, GENIFAB can offer a complete technical solution to dam owners by offering not only the mechanical design portion, but also the entire structural design of the spillway.


In terms of industrial mechanical work, we have designed numerous facilities of all sizes, and we are working with machinery manufacturers in the food industry, mining, and wood processing.


Whether it’s for an inspection project, a rehabilitation work or for the construction of a new structure, GENIFAB can put at your disposal a team of experts who can carry out your projects in every detail. We can also carry up plans and specifications enabling you to bid for both manufacturing and installation.