Project planning and scheduling

GENIFAB can assist you to plan and schedule your project. First, we identify with the client the scope and list of tasks or deliverables to be carried out, then we  establish each task duration and assign the proper roles and responsibilities. Once the task list is established, we complete the project schedule.


The objective of the timetable is to identify the objectives to be reached, the milestones and the dates to be met as well as to identify when the tasks have to start and end. The timetable is then adjusted to meet the objectives set according to the time required to complete the tasks. The timeline also ensures that all team members have the same understanding of the project and work in the same direction.


In parallel, we can also identify and list the potential risks that are related to the project. We then associate a probability of occurrence with each of them and an associated degree of severity. This allows us to identify actions to minimize risks and establish contingency plans.


GENIFAB has participated in several major projects and is an excellent partner to assist you in managing your projects. We have developed working methods in project management that are inspired by the highest standards in the industry. Among those are the AACE and PMI guidelines for example. In addition, we monitor the progress of the project in real time, enabling us to monitor costs dynamically.